Digging a hole, is that the way you treat me-

“…digging a hole, just tie me up and beat me”

As I mentioned, things have been slow because of the Man’s illnesses. I’ve mainly been donning the role of domestic servant and caretaker as I go about doing the chores and serving Him each day. But as His strength returns, so does His viciousness and cruelty. And when that happens, sometimes I get hit with the reminder of my place like a load of bricks. And although nothing particularly extreme happened, nothing particularly out of the ordinary- last night was one of those times.

We laid entwined on the couch in the living room watching The Sopranos on DVD. A picture of young domestic bliss, we spent the time cuddling and giggling. The episode ended and the credits began playing on the dark screen over the closing music. Suddenly, His eyes darkened and He turned to me. He pulled me tightly to Him in what any onlooker would mistake for a lover’s embrace. Even my own mind seemed to betray me, and I found it carelessly allowing myself to get mixed up in feelings of love and passion and arousal. Visions of Him picking me up and laying me down gently on the mattress on the bedroom and making love to me floated into my mind. Perhaps He sensed this in my response, perhaps not. Either way, I was quickly brought out of my delusions when a hard SMACK! hit me square across the face.

My jaw dropped open and a tear formed at the corner of my eye. Yet, simultaneously, I felt a gush of wetness between my thighs. His hand flew out and grabbed onto my neck. He squeezed and lifted me up by my throat then threw me onto my back on the couch. I tried to gurgle out a few protestations, but all I managed was to choke on some of my own spit. Eventually He released me as His hands went to work tearing off my pants. “God, you’re a fucking slut,” He said with some surprise as He felt my wetness drip across the fingers of the hand He’d used to cup over my cunt. He held me that way for a few minutes to reinforce His complete ownership over that part of my body. I still find that simple action to be such a violation, even after all this time. Nothing like a man just randomly grabbing onto your naked cunt to show you who owns you.

When He’d managed to get my pants off, He held Himself over top of me. He paused for a moment, contemplating my predicament- pinned under His weight- then unleashed a barrage of beating onto my unprotected face. He slapped my face, hard, back and forth. My head lulled from one side to the other. I tried to relax my facial muscles and jaw so that a forceful hit didn’t cause me to accidentally cut open my lip or clamp down on my tongue. Spit began to run down one side of my face and my cheeks reddened. The stinging turned into a throb under the constant abuse. My eyes began to ache. Finally, His chest heaving and face red with the exertion, He stopped. “Stupid cow,” He grunted, “fuck, I don’t give a fuck about you.”

He then grabbed me by the ankles and smashed them down on top of my shoulders so that I was bent in half like a pretzel. There I laid, on my back, between the couch and His body, with my legs over my head and folded in two. In that position, He entered me. I felt Him push forward with a hard thrust and a grunt. “Ow fuck!” I gasped with the pain. “Shut up you fucking cunt!!” He slapped me. “Keep your stupid fucking fat hole of a mouth shut!” I quickly bit my tongue and surpressed a sob. The verbal abuse continued while He kept forcing Himself into me over and over- crushing me down again and again into the divet in the couch. After a few moments, it really started to hit me. Something about the scene- the TV still blaring in the background, my pets wandering around the living room, my suffocating position on the couch crushed underneath Him, and the suddenness in which it all happened- made the whole experience begin to seem surreal. I felt my mind seem to drift outside myself and, from the outside, look in on my body as really being the object that He told me it was. “Of course He’s using me like this,” my outside-self began thinking, “I mean, my body’s really only good for being used as a hole anyway.” And in that moment those thoughts seemed very logical, and true, and I became convinced that the Man pumping on top of me did not see me as a human being. And then I came.

A few more minutes went by, and He finally released my body from underneath Him. I laid, collapsed, on the couch- trying to catch my breath. He stood next to me and grabbed my right arm and began twisting it until I thought it was going to pop right out of its socket. “Ow, ow, ow, ow,” I whimpered pathetically. “Get that fucking hole on your face open you piece of shit, I’m going to dump my load down into the fat garbage sack of a stomach.” I quickly complied and leaned my head over the side of the couch and opened my mouth. After a few quick strokes on His cock, He bent over my face and shot His cum towards it. Streams of it coated my face and hair, but I managed to get most into my mouth. I swallowed and thanked Him, knowing that to do otherwise would be to risk further abuse. “God you’re a mess. You look like such a fucked-out whore.” He said with audible disgust- then He spit on my face and walked away.

God, it’s good to have Him back.

7 Responses to “Digging a hole, is that the way you treat me-”

  1. 1 SensualD3light June 17, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Wow !!!! That was sooooo crazy !! Erotic, sexy, pussy wetting crazy! I wanted to get wet and clench my cunt at the same time..your writing is amazing!

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